BEA Portfolios – 2018/19 vp recruitment


External portfolio are in charge of corporate relations, funding and alumni relations. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Search for potential sponsorship opportunities, partners or valuable professionals for club events/activities whom have an alignment of values with the BEA
  • Attend meetings with corporates in a professional environment
  • Sponsor aftercare: Maintaining current/past relationships with sponsors and alumni through meetings, emails and event invites
  • Development of sponsorship packages altered to each company
  • Increase and/or maintain the BEA’s bank account through funding opportunities
  • Must be confident and persuasive in order to talk to companies
  • Must be able to deliver the benefits of partnering us (specifically through sponsorship package)
  • Invite representatives to our events → you are responsible for finding & talking to them frequently throughout our events
  • Based off our budget, reach out to our previous partners and new companies to receive funding for our club  


Academic portfolio are in charge of creating and administering academic initiatives that promote international partnerships, international business studies and foreign exchanges abroad. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Planning and executing ‘Going Abroad Info Sessions’ for those considering exchange (1 per semester)
  • Planning and executing the BEA’s annual International Case Competition (find case partner, write case and organize logistics of event)
  • Outgoing-exchange promotion through various initiatives
  • Seek learning opportunities for both local and foreign students through speaker-oriented events
  • Connect local students with foreign students through inviting them to all SoB events; ensure the level of foreign students engaged in club events remains consistent all year round
  • Organize an International Business Networking night


Finance portfolio are in charge of budgeting the BEA’s yearly funds, club reimbursements and invoicing incoming and outgoing finance activities. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Create all portfolio budgets and write monthly reports to be submitted in April; work to ensure each portfolio is meeting their assigned budget (deliver budget to Events so they can plan events knowing costs)
  • Filing reimbursements for club members
  • Securing of the BEA Cash box, leading ticket sales processes and informing clubs members of correct execution of financial activity
  • Updating QuickBook and Excel spreadsheets
  • Depositing cash float to bank account periodically
  • Apply for granting opportunities within the University or external opportunities


Marketing portfolio are in charge of promoting the BEA’s events to the student body, developing and maintaining the BEA’s brand image and creating value-added marketing initiatives. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Continuously updating the BEA website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Creative Design: developing posters for each BEA event  (and Brochures for the International Case Competition)
  • Photography: Taking photos at events and ensuring the Photo-Release form is signed by each participant
  • Updating the BEA office windows to keep student body engaged and informed
  • Provide weekly posts on Facebook to exchange students on events & exciting things in Edmonton (Seek unique city-wide opportunities for exchange students such as Oil Kings games, Eskimos games and other excursions as well)
  • Promote the BEA and the Alberta School of Business


Events portfolio is in charge of planning and organizing fun/engaging/educational events for exchange students... *this year we hope to have more room for domestic students to attend our events as well

  • Organize fun/educational/engaging events for exchange students during Week of Welcome and frequently throughout the semester
  • In the past we have done: Escape rooms, skating at the Legislature, Ice Castles viewing,
  • Organize the Bon Voyage Lunch to send domestic students off for exchange (1 per semester)
  • Coordinate with Marketing to provide the necessary marketing for your events
  • We are looking for hard-working and enthusiastic people who are passionate for organizing, as this role is extensive.