BEA Portfolios – 2019/20 DIRECTOR recruitment

Positions Available & Roles

Applications open September 2019

If you are interested in going on exchange or just want to meet some fantastic incoming exchange students from across the world, this is the club for you! As a Director you will get the opportunity to apply your skills to assist your fellow team members and classmates by creating a welcoming community for exchange students coming to the Alberta School of Business. We are looking for enthusiastic people to add to our team and fill the following positions.


  • Plan and execute BEA’s annual International Case Competition

    • Seek out a case partner involved in International Business

    • Work with case partner to develop and write the case

    • Organize roles for the case competition to run smoothly

  • Conduct two Exchange Info Sessions to encourage Alberta School of Business students to go on an exchange (One per semester)

  • Explore options for future academic events that would benefit both the BEA and the international business side of the Alberta School of Business

EVENTS director

  • Organize fun/educational/engaging events for exchange students during Week of Welcome and frequently throughout the semester

    • In the past we have done: Escape rooms, skating at the Legislature, Ice Castles

  • Organize the Bon Voyage Lunch to send domestic students off for exchange (One per semester)

  • Plan and execute the BEA ski trip in the Winter Semester

  • Organize the BEA Buddy Network Program. This program pairs exchange students with a domestic buddy to ease the transition into the University of Alberta and Edmonton

external director

  • Acquire sponsorships and event partners in order to fund our events

  • Based off our budget, reach out to our previous partners and new companies to receive funding for our club  

  • Put your networking skills to the test to convey sponsorship opportunities and benefits of the BEA

  • Develop and build connections with companies to form long-lasting relationships between them and the BEA

finance director

  • Prepare and manage a budget and delegate funds for events

  • Monitor expenses and funding as the year progresses to ensure the club is financially stable

  • Write cheques to reimburse team members for expenses

  • Apply for Grants and Funding

marketing director

  • Apply your leadership skills to delegate projects and manage a portfolio of your hand-picked directors

  • Design and create Marketing and Promotional materials for events including:

    • Facebook posts, posters, brochures (ICC), website updates and Instagram posts

  • Provide weekly posts to exchange students on events & things to do in Edmonton

  • Create a video to encourage exchange students to come to our school

    • Promote the BEA and the Alberta School of Business

Deadline: september 24th @ Midnight

Interviews will be conducted september 27 - 30


  • You do not have to have exchange experience or intend to go on an exchange to apply.

  • If you are doing an exchange in the Fall/winter semester, you can still apply!