Being a Local Buddy

How the Buddy Network works:

Every semester, the Alberta School of Business takes in exchange students from all over the world and these students will study at the University of Alberta for one or two semesters to experience the Canadian culture. Each exchange student will be paired with a domestic University of Alberta student to gather information on the campus, how classes work, things to do in Alberta, answer any questions they may have and make a new friend while studying here in Edmonton.

As a domestic U of A student with the Buddy Network, you will be paired up with an incoming exchange student based on your similar interests. In September, both you and your buddy will receive each other's contact information to reach out and start chatting.


Once you've connected, the rest is up to you two! Feel free to invite them to local eateries and events, or even have study sessions. The BEA hosts events throughout the year and as a Buddy, you will receive information about upcoming events. Past events include Buddy Social Nights, Skating in the Park, visiting the Ice Castles and a Camping Trip in Jasper. We encourage you and your buddy to come out to meet new people and join the fun!